How do you like the Bowery?

This film was made in 1960 and 1961: When bacon & eggs were a quarter, and alcohol often freely shared, one man to another. Morning, Noon and Night. When buddies scrounged around for any spare change to get some alcohol as it was the cheapest ingredient to manage the ever-present pain, and the quiet unspoken truth, “misery loves company.” Men, women, many of whom had lived on the Bowery for 10 or more years, took their quiet survey that day, of the friends whose pain was no longer an issue; that life’s journey decided for them; that death, had moved to its’ last permanent vacation, six feet under.


Accepted challenge from:

  • Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo

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  • Benedict Cumberbatch, beautiful alien
  • Kylie Jenner, the littlest Kardash
  • Everyone on Tumblr

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(Special thanks to alittlespace for talking while wet.)

Took the ALS Challenge this morning with these fine folks.



Tumblr does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, courtesy of my office window.

I’m the ant on the left!